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The Monaki Safe Grip

The Monaki Safe Grip

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Customer Reviews

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After slipping in the shower on several occasions, it was time to look for some sort of assistance. My initial thought on these suction cup products was were they really going to be able to hold my 185lbs after grabbing them for leverage to help prevent another slip and fall. SHOCKED!! Not only was I shocked at the gripping capacity of these suction cups, but being so simple to move around is a big plus. It took a couple of adjustments to find the perfect spot for me which would have been a mess using a permanent grab bar. Would and have recommended these Monaki Safe Grab to anyone needing that extra help in the shower or anywhere else there's a smooth surface for the suction cups to adhere to. Great for the grandkids too because of the ease at which they can moved at anytime!


I bought both the 11.5" and 17" (16.5") to assist my husband getting in the shower/tub after knee replacement surgery since I wasn't sure which would fit best. I have 4" tiles (very smooth ceramic) and ended up keeping both. I mounted the 11.5" at the entrance and the 17" at the far tub wall. The 11.5" handle did cross the grout line as seen in photo but I had no problem getting a secure grip. We tested both with full body weight and they didn't budge. We have been using them daily as recommended not expecting them to support full body weight and are pleased. We also make sure to test them before we enter the tub. After my husband recovers I plan to let my mother try these since she sometimes needs help with stability. I did notice that each bar was a different shade of white but that wasn't a problem for me. If I needed a lot of support I would install permanent shower grab bars but these worked great for my current need.


This works so well!!! I will be buying three more to place on my tub and shower walls. I have the one that I placed on the tile just outside the shower and I use it to help keep my balance while standing up from the toilet. I placed it on the wall maybe five days ago, and it has not lost any of the grip from the first day. Works like a charm! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs extra help for balance!!


Very Happy!


After back surgery, I ordered two of these. One has been a complete dream, while I had to send the other one back. The one I sent back appears to have been stored/placed up against something that caused a defect in the surface. The other one has been a dream! It allowed me to more easily get up and down from the toilet. I have recommended it to many travelers who I know are disabled. These would pack well, and be handy in hotel rooms or on cruises.